• Free Shipping in orders over $20
  • Customize your WebCam Cover with your Brand!!
  • Free Shipping in orders over $20
  • Customize your WebCam Cover with your Brand!!


Increase your sales with our innovative products

At Stopspysticker we give you the opportunity to expand your product portfolio, with our three main digital security products: webcam cover, USB DATA BLOCKER and the microphone sound blocker.

We believe that selling technological equipment and accessories is a great advantage, almost everyone nowadays has or is thinking of buying smartphones, laptops, tablets, our star products are totally adaptable to any device or computer, so selling large quantities will not be a problem.

Stopspy webcam cover nope usb

Benefits of including our products

Our products have experienced extraordinary acceptance in recent years, positioning themselves more strongly in the market every day, we have a high sales projection and we want to have allies who accompany us on this journey. If you have a store that is compatible with these products, we invite you to join us and not let this opportunity pass you by, let's see some of its benefits:

  • They are easy to sell.
  • Wide market of potential customers.
  • Your store will have a high profit margin.
  • Quality of the products, fabulous design and presentation.
  • Our webcam cover has its own patent, we have diploma to the best Spanish inventions of 2017.
  • These are products that are beginning to set trends, now is the time to position, leave for later may be too late.

    Contribute to the safety of your customers

    Beyond increasing your profits, by selling our products you are part of an extraordinary cause: the security and privacy of thousands of people. As it is well known, the negative work of cyber spies, hackers, slanderers, extortionists is more and more common, when your customers buy a webcam cover, USB DATA BLOCKER or the microphone blocker, they will be fighting many cyber criminals.

    If you want to become a distributor and sell any of our products just fill out the form below and we will contact you to inform you about all the products, prices, quantities and more!

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