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  • Customize your WebCam Cover with your Brand!!
  • Free Shipping in orders over $20
  • Customize your WebCam Cover with your Brand!!

Why use webcam cover

You've probably seen many different ways of trying to cover webcams with paper or tape, etc. 


You’re probably seen many different ways of trying to cover webcams with paper or tape, etc.

These solutions break the aesthetics of your device, so we invented the thinnest webcam cover for Iphone, Macbook and other devices to provide a better look solution and present a safety product pleasing to the eye and 100% functional. 

Yes, that is it, the best security product: simple, light, elegant and unique. The reason? nothing worse than putting a horrible sticker on my device that would break its beautiful image.

Unlike other mobile accessories such as cases, screen protectors or chargers (which are totally useful but their purchase depends on tastes or fashions), a webcam cover will give you real security. Valued by our customers as the best security product against any cyber spy, hacker, slander, pirate, extortionist and even a simple curious with bad intentions.

The cameras, both mobile and computer and tablet, are the perfect entry to damage your privacy by being an open window to your world in addition to
being the perfect method to capture photos and information of the most vulnerable and defenseless in the house as your children.

There are hundreds of ways for attackers to see what you are doing if a camera is exposed. So, using this product is a 100% effective method of physically
blocking the webcam from your mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Webcam cover laptop


Our webcam cover has a design so elegant that it does not break the aesthetics or format of your mobile or computer, in fact, has been designed to be compatible with 99% of computers, the webcam cover will fit you perfectly, especially in Iphone, Macbook, Mackbook pro or Ipad devices as it has been carefully developed especially to be used in these products of the Apple brand.

It is not a coincidence that this webcam cover has been awarded with the Top 10 Spanish Inventions 2017 diploma. It is the thinnest, most durable and elegant webcam cover and the most effective webcam blocker on the market.

Protect you and your family's life easily and safely. No more using that black tape to cover your webcam.

Our webcam cover has everything you need to keep your computer looking good.

webcam cover android


Many times we spend our money on unhelpful objects, it is time to think about buying something really important, such as protecting ourselves from unwanted attacks, it is time to think about our security.

For a small investment, you will get in proportion a great benefit.

Once you have the webcam cover in your hands, you'll be one step ahead from anyone who intends to harm you or yours.

This is not about fashion, it is an accessory that can prevent you from getting into big trouble and give you security and peace of mind wherever you use your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Do not wait any longer and get your webcam cover as soon as possible!